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Frequently Asked Questions

$BiG is the underlying token of BiG Deal platform. It is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Its price will be determined by market forces. BiG tokens can be purchased over exchanges and liquidity pools.

PLAYs are used for placing bids on the item that you want to purchase. The price of a PLAY is predetermined and will be between $0.10 and $0.40 (USD). PLAYs can be purchased on BiG Deal platform with the help of $BiG tokens. A bid can be of one or more PLAYs. The number of PLAYs that a “bid” comprises will change according to the product value and definition.

With the intention of fully decentralizing BiG Deal platform, we want to dilute the dependency on the largest single point of failure (the team) and create a democratized model that can evolve in entirely new ways and will always ensure the best intentions and actions for the platform.

BiG Deal decentralized governance system will replace the administrator system with community governance, allowing the governing body members to suggest, debate, and implement changes to the platform. Governors will have to stake their $BiG tokens to get voting power. Voting power is equal to the number of $BiG tokens staked.

Gambling has never rested comfortably in most parts of the world. But to get a clear picture, it is important to understand the extent of gambling. Most of the governments employ a “dominance factor” in their definition of gambling. This dominance factor determines the amount of skill (legal act) and luck (illegal gambling) involved to differentiate between the two.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. We consider 2 very popular games: Roulette and Poker (Texas Hold’em). While a lot of skill is required to play Poker (Texas Hold’em), Roulette is purely based on luck. Poker involves manipulating the expectations of the other players relative to your own expectations about uncertain outcomes. So through experience, training, and mental prowess, some players would grow to be better at this than others. This is not the case with Roulette. Here, the chances of winning depend purely on luck and can never be statistically or mathematically predetermined. Hence, winning in Poker requires skill, and winning a round of Roulette requires luck.

The same is with Big Deal. All of the auction models that are present on BiG Deal platform are skill dominant, i.e., these are not considered a game of chance/luck. Skill dominates BiG Deal model. Hence BiG Deal is NOT GAMBLING.

However, please note that we are open to having a few auction/bidding models wherein chance is dominant(rather than skill). This is purely because of market and participant demands for BiG Deal platform. Whenever this happens, BiG Deal will always get the requisite licenses, clear all compliances and make sure we follow all laws of the land. Whether BiG Deal falls under gambling or not - is also a function of the local laws of the participants. As a business entity BiG Deal will have all the legally required licenses to conduct all sort of auctions and lottery events.

There is a lot of fairness in the Dutch auctions. The company decides the number of shares or products that it wants to sell and the market determines the price at which it could be sold or bought. The company sets a reserve price and initial price on the product. For example, let us say that a handbag manufacturing company wants to sell 500 bags. It sets the reserve price of 1 bag as $1 and the initial price as $10.

When the bidding starts, the reserve price is not made public. None of the bidders know the reserve price set by the company for the bag. The initial price is reflected. As the auction starts, the initial price of the product keeps decreasing periodically until all the products (bags in this case) are sold. If there are three buyers bidding for the bags.

Auction starts with $10 for each bag
Alice: commits $250 || $10 for 1 bag => 25 bags => number of bags left to sell = 475
Bob: no bids
Carl: no bids

Price drops to $5 in equal time intervals with each drop of 1$
Alice: has already committed $250, but since Bob now bids at the rate of $5, Alice will get a total of 50 bags
Bob: committed 150$ || $5 for each bag => 30 bags => number of bags left to sell = 500-50-30 = 420
Carl: no bids

Price drops to $2 in equal time intervals with each drop of 1$
Alice: has already committed $250, but since Carl now bids at the rate of $2, Alice will get a total of 125 bags
Bob: has already committed $150, but since Carl now bids at the rate of $2, Bob will get a total of 75 bags
Carl: committed 600$ || $2 for each bag => 300 bags => number of bags left to sell = 500-125-75-300 = 0
Since the supply of bags to be sold is finished, the auction will end. Alice, Bob and Carl will all get the bags at the rate of $2 which is between the reserve price ($1) and the initial price ($10).

To participate all you need is PLAYs. Incase you not have PLAYs they can e converted from $BiG tokens on our platform. Please note that we might also support getting PLAYs by submitting other tokens like ETH, BTC, USDT etc.

BiG Deal plans to support multiple chains. BiG Deal’s first implementation is on the popular Binance Smart Chain. Down the road, BiG Deal plans to be a multichain ecosystem with support for Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. The objective of supporting multiple chains is to reduce dependency on a single chain. Also it increases versatility and applicability since a lot of people around the world will be more comfortable with BSC or ETH or other chains. BiG Deal, being a consumer driven platform, should be easily utilizable by as many people as possible.

BiG Deal is part of the GlobalVox group (a company headquartered in the United States). GlobalVox is a software consultation and development organization with expertise in Cloud, Java, MEAN/MERN stacks, Oracle (Gold Partner) and Blockchain. BiG Deal will be registered as an independent legal entity under GlobalVox in Costa Rica.

Each engagement activity at BiG Deal has been conceptualized to as to maximize the winning/earning probability for its participants and community members. The unique Win-Win-Win model - which is applicable for most of the engagements at BiG Deal - ensures

  • Win for the winner
  • Win for the house (BiG Deal)
  • Win for the non-winners

In most of the auctions at BiG Deals - the non-winners get a fair chance to square off their losses. If excercised there will be ZERO loss to the non-winning participant.

BidBots can automate bids for a participant. Let the system run the show for you. This makes sure that - you don't forget to bid due to other distractions. Meticulous rules can be set and configured for the BidBots. The bidding never stops!!

We are 100% safe as customer safety and satisfaction is our Number One priority. We've created safeguards to minimize risk and ensure you can bid without compromises.

All transactions and all of our Credit Card, Debit Card, and PayPal payments are safe. We use SSL encryption to make sure that the transactions are 100% secure.

Absolutely! BigDeal is a venture by GlobalVox LLC, which is headquatered in the United States.

BigDeal takes small amounts of money from hundreds of bidders and rewards a single winner. Profits to BigDeal are not guaranteed. BigDeal might close an auction in loss, if there are not sufficient amount of bidders or if the winning price is very low. But over a lot of auctions, the probability of BigDeal making profit goes high.

If you win a product in an auction, you need to buy the product at the Winning price. The final price you pay will be inclusive of taxes. We ship the item to you absolutely FREE of charge! You have 48 hours to pay the product winning price. If you don’t pay within that amount of time, the winning is cancelled.

Everywhere. We usually have a tie-up with product manufacturers to supply us the product. OR we may simply buy the product after the orders are placed via BigDeal. We buy them online from respective countries as the customers.

Yes. All products are brand new and with original packaging wherever possible. The original warranty also prevails.

No, there is no subscription fee and you only pay for the PLAYS you buy. Please note that PLAYS are used to bid for an auction. Each bid might consume one or more Plays.

We ship worldwide. BigDeal does not hold inventory. In almost all cases, BigDeal will buy the winning product online, from your own country and then ship it to you.

The first step would be to understand how the auction works. Watch the how-to video of BigDeal to understand the workings of the auction and know what to expect.

BigDeal works by collecting small bidding amounts from hundreds of bidders and then rewarding the winner. To be a winner you have to be the last bidder.

When it comes to bidding strategy, here are some top customer-voted tips:

  • Bidding rapidly will only waste your bids and inflate the auction price. Bid strategically, or use BidBot to bid on your behalf.
  • A majority of the auctions on BigDeal are won using BidBots. The Bidbot does not let you loose as it strategically places bids for you. It waits for the optimal time to place a bid. You can put a limit on how many bids will be used. And you can cancel it at any time.
  • You may note, who else is bidding on the item – consistently. Watch and learn. Some people keep a notepad to track bidders and what type of bidding strategies they are using.
  • Also track how many bidders are present at what time of the day. Proper time management can increase your chances of winning. Note that bidding is open to global audience.
  • Bid only on items you like
  • Focus on one auction at a time
  • Decide in advance how many bids you're willing to use in the auction
  • Use Buy Now if you don't win to get your bids back and the item
  • Set a budget and stick to it

At BigDeal we come up with promotional offers to distribute free PLAYS. This can be in the form of bonus plays on purchase, referral offers etc. Some of the mechanisms via which you can earn FREE PLAYS with some of the following options:

Social Platforms: We run campaigns whereby if you like us, share us, promote us etc. on some select social media platforms we will reward you with free plays.

Referral Bonus: Every user gets a unique referral code. Refer someone to join BigDeal using your code and you can earn Free PLAYS when they buy a minimum of PLAYS worth 20$

If you are an auction winner:

We do not hold inventory. BigDeal team will order the product and ship it to you as soon as possible after your winning. It usually takes upto 48 hours for our team to place the order. This may vary depending upon the supplier for the item.

If you placed an order via BuyNow:

The process remains the same. Our team will place the order within 48 hours of your transferring the funds for Buy Now.

Once orders have been shipped, total delivery time depends on the product. Usually it can take 5-10 business days. Depending upon the information we receive from the supplier, tracking information should be available from the My Orders page.

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