Welcome to BigDeal – Play BiG, Win BiG

BigDeal is an auction platform with more than 7 different types of unique gamified auctions which are fun, engaging, and rewarding. Our unique ZERO LOSS mechanism lets you win without any loss. Either you win or you don’t win – but you never lose. The first auction to be launched is going to be called “The LAST PLAY”.

For consumers: BigDeal is entertaining discounted shopping with elements of fun, luck, play, and skills.

For corporates: BigDeal provides them innovative ways to expand their reach, increase sales, and define creative ways to reach customers.

Who We Are

We are part of GlobalVox LLC, a software development and consultation organization headquartered in the United States. With team members in the USA, UK, India, and Europe, we have a global presence. We have more than 2 decades of experience in building enterprise-level software.


We can be reached on: