Refund on purchased PLAYs

PLAYs bought for the first time can be returned back. The unused PLAYs once returned – the amount paid for them will be refunded. Please note that PLAYs earned at a discounted rate or for free due to some promotion cannot be claimed under a refund. If a user buys PLAYs for more than one time than the refund cannot be claimed. The refund can only be claimed within 45 days of user buying the first PLAY pack.

Cancellation of BUY NOW ordered product

A BUY NOW product cannot be cancelled once the order is placed. A user can only claim a cancellation when BigDeal is not able to ship the product due to any reasons.

Refund on BUY NOW orders

No refunds can be made on BUY NOW orders. If BigDeal is not able to fulfil the order only then Refund can be claimed after a cancellation.

Automatic Cancellation of Winning products

A product which is won via bidding stands to be cancelled automatically if the user does not pay the winning bid amount within 14 days of the win.

Manual cancellation of winning product

If a winner does not want to avail the winning product they can choose to cancel it. In this case, the consumed PLAYs towards this product would be refunded back and the product would not be shipped.

Inability to ship the product

If BigDeal is unable to ship the product due to any reason then BigDeal has the right to offer equivalent value in USDT to the winner. In this case, the advertised market price of the winning product will be transferred to the winner in terms of USDT.

Claim PLAYs instead of winning product

The winner can choose to take PLAYs instead of the winning product. BigDeal will be able to transfer PLAYs equal to the value of the product to the winner.